Well Water Analysis

Well Water Analysis Cape Coral FL - Water Testing, Quality Test - Lee County Inspection Services - homewatchWell water analysis is an important part of homeowner maintenance and health, since many homeowners in Southwest Florida receive their water from private ground water wells. EPA regulations that protect public drinking and bathing water systems do not apply to privately owned water wells. As a result, owners of private water wells are responsible for ensuring that their own well water remains disease free.
The CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at a minimum, to check your well every spring to make sure there are no mechanical problems- and to test water quality once each year for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and lead content. 
Other times a well water test should be done include:
  • If there are known problems with well water in your area
  • If you have experienced problems near your well (i.e., flooding, land disturbances, and nearby waste disposal sites).
  • If you replace or repair any part of your well system
  • If you notice a change in water quality (i.e., color, odor, taste). 
Consulting a local expert who will draw samples from the proper locations throughout the structure is important- as well as choosing the proper lab. Lee County Inspection Services Home Inspections is in the field with a "well to lab" pickup service in place and have a partnership with Benchmark and Sanders Enviroanalytical Labs whose facilities are inspected and certified by the Florida State Department of Health.
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